Black and Brown, African Americans and Hispanics, Afro and Latinos

There has been a very long history amongst Black and Latino people, a history that still goes on to this day. Mexico in the 1800s allowed African peoples to live as they did on their land, there was believed to be more than 10,000–who had taken the southern-route of the “underground railroad,” crossing the border… Continue reading Black and Brown, African Americans and Hispanics, Afro and Latinos

Racism in Today’s Music

The United States is known for its diverse culture in media. Whether it be broadcast media, multimedia, music, or any form of the arts, we do it all. We, as Americans, or more so America is known to proudly flaunt works of art, their music, their movies; that’s where we get Hollywood, baby! After all,… Continue reading Racism in Today’s Music

A Latina’s Labels

Valeria Alessandra Contreras, a name that rolls off your tongue, a name surely to belong to… a Latina? One of the biggest struggles in the Latino community is struggling to understand their true identity as a minority here in the United States. The fact is that most Latinos can’t understand their true origins. Race is… Continue reading A Latina’s Labels

Podcast Listens Talk

NPR Shortwave Podcast: “Why Music Sticks in Our Brains” Why can we remember some songs so clearly? Is it how catchy they may be? Is it the repetitive chorus and lyrics? There is a lot that goes into it, but there is a scientific explanation for it. In order to really understand why our brains… Continue reading Podcast Listens Talk


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